Melting Tank: VBN Series

Our melting tanks are specifically designed to quickly melt cocoa butter, cocoa blocks, and vegetable fat substitute. Equipped with blade stirrers, electric heaters and an accurate temperature control system.
Volumetric capacities:
400, 800, 1200 L


Mixing Tank: MA Series

Cylindrical double jacketed tanks with inner stirrer suitable to keep liquid chocolate or substitute at a controlled temperature. Equipped with electric resistance and automatic water control system.


Volumetric Dosing Machine

Flexible and efficient machine to dose chocolate, chocolate creams or compound into moulds or other containers. This machine can be installed on wheels to be easily removable.

Depositing capacities from 50 to 1000 cc


Tank: MAC Series

Cylindrical jacketed tanks for the storage of liquid chocolate with a recirculation system and a special heated and scraped surface for the volatilization of unwanted humidity and acidity contained in the product.


TAO Tempering Machine

Our TAO series of tempering machines are designed to provide a constant flow of perfectly tempered chocolate, even with high viscosity products or with small solid ingredients.
Capacity from 250 up to 2000 kg/h



This includes batch-vertical tempering machines model TV and TF. This combination is able to stabilize any kind of fat based cream, by means of a careful temperature control and an accurate product mixing.



System for blending exact proportions of chocolate with solid ingredients. Especially suitable to allow the automatic loading of dosing machines placed on automatic lines, ensuring a high percentage of solid ingredients and a perfect mixing with the liquid product.


Chocolate Chips Line

Fully automatic lines for the production of chocolate, or chocolate compound, drops with a single or double color and with dimension as small as 0,01 g up to a bigger 8 g. The lines are equipped with a high precision dosing head and a cooling tunnel provided with its own cooling system.

Chips weight from 0,01 gr up to 8 gr
Production capacity from 250 to 3000 kg/h.



Completely automatic lines for the production of chocolate or chocolate compound centres to be further sugar coated. The line is equipped with a chiller for the automatic production of chilled water/glycol solution and an accurate temperature control unit for the cooling of the rollers.
Capacity from 50 to 300 kg/h depending on product specifications.