Confitech is an Italian company based in Turin, Italy. The company has evolved its 70 years of experience, presence and customer service to the confectionery industry by constantly expanding on its existing range of equipment.

The company produces a wide range of machinery for both hard & soft candy; both solid or center filled, single or twin colored. Items such as sugar free candy, lollipops, caramels and toffees can be produced using the wide range of equipment Confitech supplies.

Depending upon customer needs Confitech can supply both standalone machines for specific products, batch processing systems or fully automated continuous lines.

Energy efficiency, simplicity and innovation are the companies guide lines. Customer satisfaction is their target.



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The latest development in Confitech research is a compact and modular Vacuum Expansion Unit designed to produce light and crispy candy suitable to be chocolate coated. The newly patented VXP.300 is conceived to be connected to an existing hard candy forming line. The VXP.300 is composed of an expansion unit and a series of modular cooling vacuum tubes. In the vacuum chamber the just formed candies increase their volume. In the cooling sectors the puffed candies reach the final required temperature. Along the whole process the product is continuously gentle kept in motion to obtain a homogenous and effective cooling while preventing sticking or deforming. Rotary valves at inlet and outlet points of the system ensure vacuum consistency. Two or more powerful vacuum pumps provide the required vacuum level along the entire system. The modular composition of the units allows to configure the system according to available layout minimizing the floor area required.

Power: 26 kW
Air: 4Nl/ min 6 bar
Water (cooling) : 20 l/min 10°C DN25 3 bar
Water (vacuum): 45l/ min DN25