Euromec pre-extruder & co-extrusion Extruders

Euromec extruders are designed to work with chewing gum, chewy taffies and even formulas of hard candy.

  • Suitable for extruding multiple ropes
  • Can produce combined flavors & colors in a single rope
  • Interchangeable extrusion head dies for varying rope shapes.
  • Variable capacities from laboratory scale up to 2000 Kg/hr

Extruders Include:

  • S-34 Pre-Extruder
  • 126ES-141ES Extruder

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This extrusion and cooling line is designed for feeding either low or high speed 'cut and wrap' machines. The extruder can be provided to handle up to 12 ropes at once as well as 2-3 colors and flavors depending on size and capacity.