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The Explorer line has been specifically designed for companies who require extremely high capacity in the hard, hard filled candy, and toffee market. The line interfaces well with today’s continuous cookers, while its unique design allows excellent flexibility for customer specific requirements.
Nuova Euromec’s Explorer can produce such diverse shapes as simple oval drops to the more complex bar forms.

Outstanding Features:
  • Wide product range capabilities from simple oval drops to complex bar and novelty shapes.
  • Engineered to allow easy maintenance of the line and quick change-over times.
  • Reduced friction in the die chain assemblies results in longer usable lifetimes.
  • Electronic Speed Controls

    Production speeds:
    EXPLORER 200 - 1800 kg / Hr
    EXPLORER 1500 - kg / Hr

    *depending on candy shape and weight

    Nuova Euromec’s Mercury rotary forming line has been designed & engineered for the production of formed hard candy, both with or without center filling. Recently upgraded, the line has increased performance while affording greater noise reduction.

    Main features include:
  • Facility of use (operator friendly)
  • Greater forming die longevity due to pneumatically operated forming cam system
  • Rapid die change over (Uses Uniplast forming dies)
  • Higher forming speeds
  • Total line speed synchronization from filling pump through cooling tunnel.
  • Hygienically designed for pharmaceutical production applications.

    Production speeds:
    -MERCURY LINE: 900 - 1,200 Kg/Hr.*
    -MERCURY JUNIOR LINE: 600 – 900 Kg/Hr.*

    *Depending on piece design & weight.

    Nuova Euromec’s model 119 LAB is specifically designed for use by customers requiring research & development of new products. The system can duplicate typical production runs made on higher capacity systems, but only in small quantities. Expensive raw materials (typically found in pharmaceutical production) will not be wasted. System advantages include:
  • Compact design making it ideal for those with limited space
  • Flexible rope sizer capable of operating in either vertical or horizontal mode
  • System can be quickly repositioned as the line is furnished with lockable wheels.
  • Can be supplied with an available cooling tunnel
  • S-38 Ball Lollipop

    This ball and 3D lollipop chain forming system is based on the successful technology of the Explorer, leading to great advantages on the center filled lollipop production. It is designed with a user friendly interface to allow quick die changes to maximize production time.


    Euromec’s newly designed chain forming and sandwich wrapping system for lollipops is specifically designed & engineered with facility of use in mind. The model 72ST/L – 130INC offers the most flexibility of any existing lollipop forming & wrapping system in the market. The system allows for:

  • Quick chain die change over
  • Total line speed synchronization from filling pump through
  • cooling tunnel.
  • The ability to make both filled & unfilled lollipops
  • Capability of producing pops with sticks made of paper, plastic or wood.
  • Wrapping material flexibility use to include; cellophane,
  • polypropylene and various laminates.
  • Forming & sandwich wrapping speeds up to 1000 pieces
    per minute*

    *speeds will vary according to product weight and shape.